Mt St Helens July 11th 2021

With all the Covid and Isolation over the past 18 months, I decided to not even try for a St. Helens climbing permit in April.  Recently I discovered that the Mt St Helens Institute offered reasonably priced weekend climbs including the permit!  We climbed the summer Monitor Ridge route with a 6:30am start from Climbers Bivouac.


2 Miles in from trailhead, end of the treeline.

Looking north across the crater.

Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams in the back round.


Crevasse Rescue

During RMI's Paradise Seminar, senior guide Hannah Smith led us through setting up a 3:1 pulley system.  A bit windy on Paradise Glacier, sorry about portions of audio....

Mt Rainier July 5-7th 2019

My sister Katy and I teamed up for our "2nd" summit together in July (we first summited together along with our older sister Marcia in 1973, guided by Joe Horiskey). After my 2018 Paradise Seminar with RMI resulting in a summit, Katy approached and asked if I'd being willing to try with her - hell ya!


Katy and John *training* !!!   Lost count of Camp Muir visits ...

Sunset at Camp Muir prior to summit attempt

Looking down at Little Tahoma and 10,000 ft cloud deck

Crater from true summit