I was accompanied by Taylor Bickford, guiding for Pacific Alpine Guides, up the Fisher Chimneys route.

Looking back at Mt Baker from top of Fisher Chimneys

We ended up establishing camp below Winnie's Slide.  Although the climb in was sunny and warm,
summit day was socked in and rainy.  We waited until mid morning and started up.

Winnie's Slide

Base of Sulphide Glacier

As we were the only people on the mountain, we made the decision on upper
Sulphide Glacier, to turn around.  At this point we were approaching whiteout, with snow falling.

Taylor had marked crevasse endpoints on the way up; we hurried down as they were
quickly dissappearing in the snow.




  Of course, conditions began to improve on the way down..... ;)

... giving us a gorgeous sunset view from camp that evening.

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